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Thanks you for the super lunch, Pak @handi.kurniawan. Sharing session and great lunch. Actualize the aspiration and dream needs passion, work hard and value he values itself. Thanks for the lesson, Pak! Always admire you ! As my father said, “only learn from the best!” And sure today i did. Gan en

Riani purnamasari

Humanitarian, Special Projects, Strategic Communication, Indonesia

Surround youself with people that relect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious. Bertemu dengan bapak @handi.kurniawan, salah satu juri saat aku ikut Pemilihan Duta Wisata Indonesia 2015. Salah satu penulis yang hampir setiap bukunya sudah ku baca. Terima kasih untuk “bekal buku” nya, pasti akan sangat berguna. One statement i love “I play to win”

Dea Rizkita

Puteri Indonesia Perdamaian 2017, Miss Grand Indonesia 2017