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More than 25 years of helping others create success and fulfillment!

Get your dream jobs, be happier at the workplace and in life – whether that means achieving the top jobs, reigniting your relationship with partners, colleagues, team, or discovering who you really are. Handi’s one-on-one coaching program, career advice and group workshops will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I worked with some of the best companies in seven countries and five continents. That would mean you could get the best and practical career advice, network with incredibly talented people, and you’d learn faster than normal people.


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  • Craft an incredible career
  • Connect with anyone
  • Network with high net-worth
  • Have a global career
  • Be credible & charismatic
  • Have an unshakeable confidence
  • Career transition?

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Invite me to your company or speak to your team about leadership, people / talent management, career management, learning & development, cross-cultural management, motivations, communication and other HR best practices.

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Want to improve your LinkedIn profile and CV so that you are more noticeable and increase your chance to be hired or being more influential in your professional social media?

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“Great Advice” is a collection of ideas and experiences about living life and work to the fullest. This book is an indispensable guide to managing career success, providing day-to-day leadership guidance, and most importantly it will inspire you to raise your game!

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“I am very grateful to have Mr. Handi as my guest of speaker for talent management conference. His insightful presentation and his personal traits brought new insights of a young global leader. Both his style, his substance, review of the matter truly impressed me and the participants. No doubt that he brings an excitement and fun too during the conference. Thanking him so much for a great contribution toward my 1st conference. I am highly delighted to work with him again in future.”


Conference Organizer - MALAYSIA

Handi is the ‘shining star’ of our cohort in School of Education, UMich. He is a sincere friend to students, staff members, and faculty. I am amazed by his ability of building such a vast and solid connection to everybody, and everyone wants to talk to him. His remarkable life experience all over the world, his strong belief in education can change the world, and his incredible inter personal skills, make him the best person to build such a course which can benefit people who wants to better manage their careers or gains personal development.

Cong Liang

Master graduate from the University of Michigan and Teacher at San Francisco area.